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Fingerprint Scanning TechnologyWe have been saying for a couple of years now that one of an operator’s greatest assets is trust. In a world where personal identities are in danger of being stolen on a daily basis, there is now a real and immediate opportunity for operators. If the Googles and Dropboxes of this world are beginning to think that the internet is rotting from the inside out, then the companies that have been around for a while can step in.

And they are.

Secure, easy authentication is a new product. A very compelling one.

We all have too many passwords to remember. It is no longer possible to have just one, even if we thought that was a good idea. We can use password vaults, of course, but even then it seems an extra step we do not need as we click into our digital world in the morning. We need something invisible and powerful and secure to shield us from the dangers online.

So why not our service provider? They are our gateway to all the apps and web sites we visit and use. And we trust them, at least more than Facebook, Google and others. Even banks, depending on what research you read.

If they do nothing, then others will take the lead, and they are. RBS, the Royal Bank of Scotland, has announced that they will be introducing fingerprint technology for authentication in the near future. Presumably only for consumers, their business systems are antiquated.

The leader, as far as service providers are concerned, is Telefonica, via an investment in Spanish security firm, SmartAccess which offers a variety of access solutions including biometric and fingerprint solutions.

Mind you, fingerprint technology is not new and certainly not proprietary to our friends at Apple. Random fingerprint testing has been in use in Malawi for more than a decade.

If operators do not move to protect their customers online, not just on their sites but on any site or in any app that their customers want to visit, then someone else will, and it will become another battle for device manufacturers. For, as we know they dictate the pace.

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