Ad blocking, invalid traffic, viewability impacting ad delivery

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Digital advertising has experienced strong growth with no signs of slowing down, but in order to continue its global boom the industry needs to ensure clean ad delivery – meaning ads are viewable to the consumer and free from fraud – a $7 billion problem. After all, an ad that isn’t seen can’t have an impact.

There are many challenges for advertisers at the moment. They face the prospect of an unknown, but large, number of customers who are coming closer and closer to blocking them, particularly on mobile devices. They can also expect no rescue from younger customers. They will either use apps that are ad free, or will pay to use a service without them. Advertisers are addressing these challenges by trying ever harder to get themselves in front of customers. They are following customers into games and apps. Just recently, there was an announcement that the next thing coming to Google Maps is advertising.

Low viewability is one thing, but the definition of viewability itself means that the problem is almost certainly bigger than the figures suggest. ‘The Media Rating Council counts an ad as viewable if as little as half of it appears on screen for as little as one second. It counts video ads as viewed as long as at least half the ad is visible and at least two seconds of video is played’.

One answer is to go back to basics, creatively, but there are other approaches. This infographic looks at how ad blocking, invalid traffic and viewability are impacting ad delivery across the globe and what the industry can do to tackle these challenges.


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