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Over the years I’ve tried a number of different Apple headphones with my iPhones, both in ear and on ear. I’ve always struggled to find a set that are comfortable, so presumably I have strange ears! However when I eventually managed to get hold of some AirPods I realised I’d found something that I actually do find comfortable. That alone made the AirPods from Apple worth the money, especially for the long conference calls I frequently find myself on.  

Despite their undoubted comfort for me, I do find the AirPods have a tendency to work loose especially if I’m walking around so I do have to push them back into my ears occasionally. When I first had the AirPods I couldn’t work out why they kept disconnecting. I then realised that pushing them back into my ears was being interpreted as a double-tap to disconnect the call. Plus automatic ear detection had a tendency to reroute the audio to the handset speaker when the AirPods moved in my ear. Disabling all this functionality so audio routes to the AirPods when they’re removed from the case has ensured smooth operation. It’s frustrating not to be able to use all the smart functionality but a small price to pay for the best headphones I’ve found. The ability to change settings to suit one’s personal circumstances also demonstrates the flexibility of the product.

Audio quality when listening to music is excellent, audio quality on calls is good. I get the impression that the AirPods accentuate the background hiss that is prevalent on phone calls so it’s more noticeable with AirPods. Suppressing this hiss is something that Apple could definitely improve.

The Apple W1 chip makes pairing AirPods to iPhone as simple as it gets. The usual Bluetooth device pairing process is masked from the user – an example of Apple making technology simpler for consumers. Plus the W1 chip ensures that the AirPods are instantly available to every device logged into the same iCloud account.

Overall, AirPods are an example of Apple innovation at its best – which is perhaps why they are still on a six week lead time.

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