Big data is a big deal for a digital telco

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Businessman digs a tunnel to treasureYou just knew that big data and Analytics had to be part of the the #DigitalTelco scene. We picked Telefonica as the poster-child for this area. While it is true that Telefonica brought Telefonica Digital back into the fold last year, Telefonica Dynamic Insights is significant remnant of this standalone BU.

Telefonica Dynamic Insights (TDI) is focused on the development of products and services that leverage on Telefonica’s global big data assets. Telefonica provide mobile insight solutions and use this insight to enlighten the space between organizations and their users, enabling them to improve their propositions and businesses. In short, TDI is external monetization of Telefonica’s big data capabilities.

TDI currently comes in two flavors.

  1. Smart Steps – A big data Insight solution that uses anonymous and aggregated mobile data to help organizations make better business decisions based on actual behavior. (more here)
  2. Travel Alerts – A secure real-time big data service that tells you when your customers are travelling abroad. Essentially it is a consent-based way for banks and credit card providers to verify card transactions abroad using mobile technology. (more here)
BigData equals Big value
Big Data providing retail insights

Big Data = Big Insights

Smart  Steps,  which  provides big data insights  based  on  the  behavior  of  crowds  to  help  companies  make informed business decisions,  was launched in October 2012 as the first product of Telefonica Dynamic  Insights. In the first 18 months, the focus was spent understanding the big data, creating the platform and trying to focus on a retail solution looking at granular insights.

The Smart Steps BigData solution targets both retail and Transportation verticals.

Smart Steps for Retail (here) – Utilizes Big Data to measure the impact of retail decisions, such as:

  • Measure your stores performance
  • Predict demand
  • Understand location

Smart Steps for Transport (here) – Utilizes big data to support several uses case such as Smart Cities to origin and destination, catchment & demographic analysis driving network optimization, efficiency increase and cost reduction.  Examples include:

  • Transport Models – Helping to build transport models, using near real time data to predict volumes, journeys modes and the impact of network changes.
  • Support rail franchise bidding – Market share figures, journey time data and origin/destination heat maps.
  • Predict demand – Peak and troughs in demand to quantify the market and understand where customers and potential customers begin and end their journey.

Smart Steps and Travel alerts have enabled Telefonica to utilize its core competencies of connectivity and big data Analysis bring significant value to specific vertical markets.  They did not just think about the big data they could collect, but they worked with vertical industries such as transport industry (air – road- rail), retail and banking to understand the business challenges. Once they understood that they could create significant value to the vertical they began working on solving the critical issues. Does that sound like a Telco to you?  Maybe not old Telco, but we will see more and more of the consultative approach as the #DigitalTelco continues to evolve.

Big data


Next up in this whirlwind #DigitalTelco fun fest we are going to take on the Uncarrier – T-Mobile USA and take a look at how the #DigitalTelco speaks to its FANs!

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