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Effective medicineThe advantages of bringing real-time control to the consumer market are fairly obvious. The advantages can, of course, be transferred to the enterprise market. And the advantages are, generally, much greater.

The main ones are set out in this e-book from real-time specialist MATRIXX Software. Essentially they come down to giving enterprises greater control.

First, real-time gives companies greater control over their communications spending. It allows managers to monitor spending on an enterprise, department and individual basis. Real-time control allows managers to support the dynamic environment that is the modern enterprise. Usage can be monitored, and, as in the consumer market, balances can be moved between departments and teams as demand requires.

It offers enterprises the flexibility of self-care, from an organisation-wide level, down to the individual.

These tools can also alert managers to mis-use, usage that does not seem normal, revenue leakage and even fraud. With internal fraud still a big issue for many enterprises, this control and instant monitoring can save them a lot of money.

MATRIXX_Enterprise_Control_DV_IMGReal-time control and usage monitoring also means easier and more accurate budgeting and the end of waiting for a bill after the event. The headaches for the Telecoms Manager of the past, inventory control and bill reconciliation (not long ago they used to accept that their comms bill would be wrong, but they lived with it) are, also a thing of the past.

Some enterprising operators are grasping this opportunity to better serve their enterprise customers. One such, via its portal, offers pooled data for teams to share, as well as administrator dashboards and reporting.

The advantages of taking the enterprise from a batch based billing and accounting environment into a real-time world where control and flexibility replace headaches are clear. What is also clear is that operators ignore this kind of opportunity – and the lucrative enterprise (and SME) market – at their peril.

The e-book from MATRIXX Software is free and available to download here.

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