CX or UX – how do they work together and which one matters most?

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Customer experience, or CX, is the sum of all the interactions people have with your brand. This includes offline considerations as well as online. For example, your customer experience management team ensures a visitor to a retail store has a positive, helpful, professional experience when she interacts with your team face-to-face.

User experience, or UX, is about the interaction users have with your product. According to DigitalGov, it “deals with people interacting with your product and the experience they receive from that interaction.” For most online marketing professionals, UX centers on a customer’s experience with a brand’s website and online marketing. For example, good UX means a visitor can find information on your website quickly, make a purchase without any confusion, and navigate around your site without getting lost. In this article, the primary focus is on UX as it pertains to online marketing, which means we’ll focus on metrics such as bounce rate, click-through rate (CTR), and abandonment rate.

How do they work together? Customer experience is the umbrella term under which user experience falls. In other words, CX encompasses some aspects of a customer’s experience with a brand that UX does not. But without great UX, a company’s customer experience management has faltered.

There are a number of facets to offline customer experience, especially for businesses with a physical location people can visit. The original article is published here.


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