Democratizing entrepreneurship: success in the digital age

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The dawn of the internet age has helped big-name companies emerge to become behemoths of industry, worth billions of dollars and employing thousands of people. Amazon is one example from the early 1990s that has grown beyond all recognition compared to its early days, but other smaller outfits such as Grubhub have also used the internet to build admirable business models.

However, it’s not just companies and brands that have benefited from the internet age; in fact, there are countless other, less well-known examples of individuals who have, with a dose of entrepreneurship, built financial success for themselves thanks to the digital landscape. These individuals have been able to get involved in markets that would previously have remained inaccessible to them, and it’s really all down to the boom in accessibility facilitated by the internet.

Investing in the Internet Age 

One good example of a sector previously almost impossible to access for individuals is trading in the Forex market. Before the widespread use of the internet, investing money in Forex markets was done by professionals, not individuals with a passing interest. Now, though, all you need is an electronic trading platform, a computer, and an appetite for trading currency.

Such platforms are now being offered by a range of providers online, with some sites even giving incentives to use their electronic trading platforms by offering cashback on every trade you make. If this sounds tempting to you and you have an interest in the fluctuating rates of currencies around the world, you can read more here before getting started in Forex trading for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing Boom 

Forex trading is just one example of a sector that has opened up to individuals with an appetite for making money online. Affiliate marketing is another good example, the democratic nature of the internet making this a potential goldmine for those with an interest in website building and online transactions.

Examples such as Dom Wells, who went from being a true beginner in affiliate marketing to earning tens of thousands of dollars per month from it, show that there is potential to benefit financially from industries that simply weren’t accessible before the internet age, and often without a big financial outlay (or time outlay) at the start.

Etsy Shows that Cooperation Can be Key

Forex trading and affiliate marketing are brilliant examples of using your own nouse to potentially make a living, but sometimes branching out on your own isn’t nearly as good an idea as coming together in the spirit of collaboration. Etsy is a great example of a virtual marketplace that brings together over a million independent sellers, showcasing how the internet has enabled entrepreneurs to be successful in a shared environment as well as more isolated environments.

The chance to turn a hobby into a business in 2017 has radically changed compared to the days before the internet, with opportunities now literally at your fingertips. Whether you are keen to start your own business or just want to earn some additional income on the side during your spare time, the internet allows for the sort of boundless freedom that 1980s entrepreneurs could only have dreamed of.

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