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digital worldAcross the board, the business model is changing: transformed by technological advancement and fuelled by global competition. As the capabilities of digital technology have increased, its influence has extended to reach every facet of operations. Expectations have also shifted, driven by the consumerisation of IT and changing customer demand; people expect a simplistic and rewarding user journey, delivered as a seamless cross-platform experience.

Different things to different people

Digital means different things to different people – but for those who still believe that digitalization is just about social media or developing a responsive website, here is the truth. It is everywhere: it is disrupting organisational structures, value chains and revenue streams. It is disrupting leadership and culture, changing many of the most senior positions and creating an imperative for digital capability at the top table. The entire business model has been transformed… and this is only the beginning.

The Only Constant is Change

Digital innovation has changed how companies interact, bridging the chasm between you and your customer and providing a whole new space to engage. This has fundamentally altered how businesses promote themselves and interact with their customer base. The shift has meant that many traditional modes of marketing have been rendered obsolete, usurped by digital channels and 360 degree engagement.

Adapt or Fail

Businesses that have failed to adapt have begun to fall by the wayside, outpaced by clever, creative competitors who resonate with their customer and offer greater insight and value. Digital channels present both a blessing and a curse; businesses can listen, learn and engage with customers in a manner which was simply impossible in years gone by. But the empowerment works both ways, and businesses must now bear the brunt of public opinion which has been amplified by the social media megaphone.

Under the Spotlight

Digital shines a spotlight on flaws, exposing your organisation to criticism – but it can also help make you better. An open dialogue will give you the feedback you need to improve, the only contingent is the willingness to change. In the new world where information is instantaneous, reputation, trust and credibility have become an imperative. Just ask Volkswagen’s shareholders.

Break Down the Silos

Amid this rapidly shifting digital landscape, businesses need to evolve continuously to harness the value of the digital opportunity. This change must happen at every level of the organisation: teams must break down the silos and embrace a cohesive approach, with improved co-operation between IT, marketing and the C-suite. Data has the capacity to completely revolutionise operations, but the information must be used as an educator and a driver of improvement, not locked away and underused as the labelled property of a single tier or department.

Embrace the Change

Some businesses let digital happen around them, others embrace the challenge and are actively addressing the culture, skills, people and processes that will drive their success. The opportunity is there, but you need to step up and take it.

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About the Author: Pete gained a Master’s Degree in English Literature alongside Politics and Philosophy before progressing on to complete a Postgraduate MA in Journalism. His background spans public policy research and conference development, with extensive experience across a wide range of subjects, including: ICT, procurement, health, education, open data, digital public services and cyber security. You can follow Scot-Tech on Twitter @scot_tech. .


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  1. Cato Rasmussen says:

    Thanks for this, very good and very true.

  2. Rob Rich says:

    Nicely done and very succinct, given the breadth of the topic. The only aspect I would add here is the need for speed. Unless your product or service enjoys significant barriers to switching, you’d better be quick to change along with the market.

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