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handsome young man listening to music with headphones via tablet PCThe January 2015 “Digital In the Philippines” snapshot of We Are Social says that among the total Philippine population of 100.8 million (with urbanization at 49%), there are 44.2 million active Internet users. Of these 44.2 million Internet users, 90% have active social media accounts. In the last four years, Internet access in the Philippines has grown by 500%, the fastest rate in Southeast Asia, and, as mentioned previously, real growth is yet to come but it’s coming by fast.

On the mobile front, the Philippines is essentially a duopoly with two operators vying for the #DigitalTelco title of champion Digital Lifestyle Provider – Globe and Smart. Both operators have clearly adopted the “Digital Lifestyle” as a mantra and this resonates in everything they do. Similar to the #DigitalTelco T-Mobile’s Uncarrier, both Smart and Globe are unerringly focused on aligning with their customers.

At Globe’s recent Digital Lifestyle and Expo held at the SM Megamall, Globe chief operating adviser Peter Bithos said: “Now we’re trying to change your digital experience… we’re trying to find the pain points that exist, and solve them one by one.” He continued that the theme this quarter for Globe is “all things digital.”

Digital Lifestyle - myLifestyle
Digital Lifestyle – Globe

Globe postpaid plans are branded myLifestyle Plan, can’t be more obvious than that. The plans combine unlimited text, calls and bundle in a choice of lifestyle app bundles for a promotional period (1 month) and 1Gb cloud storage for 2 years).

Lifestyle app bundles

  • Navigation – AccuWeather, Google Maps, MMDA App, GrabTaxi, and Waze
  • Explore – Agoda, Cebu Pacific, Looloo, PAL, Trip Advisor, Zomato
  • Fitness Pack – 7-Minute Workout, Fitocracy, MyFitnessPal, Pact, RunKeeper, Strava Running and Cycling GPS

What is great about this concept is that Globe is not only providing connectivity, but they are helping their customer find apps that suit their lifestyle. The #DigitalTelco is about engagement, not just connectivity.

In a similar tone, Smart offers their Smart Surf Plus Plans. “However you enjoy your Internet surfing, Smart Surf Plus Plans offers the data allowance that suits your style.” Smart Surf Plus Plans enable customers to select various text and data caps. Smart offers one free app with the plan that customer can change each month.

Digital Lifestyle Entertainment
Digital Lifestyle – Smart Entertainment

The SmartLife Entertainment bundle enables customers to watch their favorite movies and TV shows on the go. Each bundle gives customers data access to various entertainment apps and services, plus free OTT video subscriptions to iflix or FOX via Viewstream. Smart even provides a concierge service to subscribers. Smart Life Concierge services include:

  • Special events and performance assistance
  • Flower and gift delivery assistance
  • Dining referral and reservation assistance
  • Hotel referral and reservation assistance

Both Globe and Smart are packaging their services in a way that not only resonates with their customers, it makes sense to them. The #DigitalTelco understand the needs and wants of its customers, sometimes even before they do. The #DigitalTelco needs to walk the fine line between personalizing choice and over-complexity. Packaging offerings into Digital Lifestyle services accomplishes this by saying “we get you, and this is for you”. The Digital Lifestyle is all about engagement, empathy, understanding and above all the long-term relationship. While I may not be the best person to be giving relationship advice, we all get emotional sometimes.


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