Facebook demonstrates just how serious it is about ‘video first’

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Facebook is the company that never sleeps. OK so they were late on mobile, but let’s call that a lesson learned. They seem to have very clear strategies to win at just about every game they are prepared to play. The game plan for the Facebook future is clear: Continuous innovation and sustained domination.

Facebook released some very impressive results earlier in the month. Driven again by mobile, Facebook saw revenue reach $8.81 billion in the fourth quarter. Beating analysts’ expectations, that sum represented a 51% rise compared to the same period a year earlier. Year-over-year, quarterly profit also increased from $1.56 billion to $3.57 billion.

Facebook is still firmly focused on emerging market domination where there is still massive potential for them to grow their user base. Facebook Lite – the less data hungry version of the social networking app – has witnessed a tremendous growth since its launch in 2015. The app has just crossed the 200 million users mark, registering a 100% increase from March last year. Given the targeted aim of appealing to users in developing markets with poor internet connectivity, Facebook has been able to make the most of the app in a short span of time.

The app has been launched in over 150 countries including India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico. With a support for 55 languages, Facebook is now planning to soon extend more countries including Israel, Italy, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates, Mashable notes. The app is currently only for Android as it is aimed at users with low-end smartphones and slower internet connectivity.

More advertising revenue

Facebook recently began experimenting with advertising in its Messenger app, a move that could greatly increase the company’s total ad revenue if successful.

The vast majority of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile and desktop ads, with the Messenger app representing some prime, but as of now untapped, ad real estate. The move could have everyone involved seeing green, especially since Messenger surpassed 1 billion users last summer.

Facebook is starting small, rolling out a test run in Australia and Thailand that enables businesses to place ads on the home screen of Facebook Messenger and below recent conversations.

Video, original content

Netflix be warned!! Video is another Facebook future area and they seem to be getting damned serious about it. The social network just hired Mina Lefevre, an experienced TV executive, to manage all of its video content programming, according to Bloomberg. Lefevre hails from MTV where she was responsible for scripted programming.

The move follows Facebook’s recently announced plans to create an app for television set-top boxes.

Facebook sees big money in creating video content. With more than 1.79 billion active users a month, the potential for a massive advertising dollar windfall is significant to say the least.

The Facebook future is focused on maintaining/growing the user base and monetizing those billions any which way they can! You have been warned!

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