Fireworks – the perfect partnership model?

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IMG_0625The Edinburgh Festival is known around the world. The fireworks display that signals the end of the festival is world-class. This year we were invited to a venue exactly opposite Edinburgh Castle – prime seats. And it occurred to me that the fireworks provided an almost perfect partnership model. A series of them, in fact.

Our venue was a members club, a smart one. The ticket price was healthy but included champagne on arrival, a fantastic buffet and as much wine as you could drink. After you had done all that, we went out to the balcony and watched the most amazing display.

Our bundle was the premium package and we were happy to pay for it. We paid for it last year, and next year we might do so again. Or we might choose another package. Looking over the balcony you could see thousands of people jammed onto Princes Street. They watched exactly the same fireworks display as we did. Looking at the pictures on Facebook, some had better views than we did. But they watched it for free. Or, you could argue, their bundle contained a take away, a few pints of beer or a meal in a decent restaurant.

Across town, there were dozens of parties, with different bundles. Some of the parties were ‘sponsored’ plans, as companies entertained clients. Some worked the other way round, as apartments that have little value for the rest of the year, become valuable real estate for a few hours. The department store below us had a balcony, probably unused for the rest of the year, but last night provided the perfect platform for allowing staff a party.

It is not too much of a stretch to turn this environment into an example of how the new digital eco-system should work.

Step one, find compelling content (fireworks display). Step two, make it easy to access and regulate it lightly. Step three, provide bundles and offers that will attract as wide an audience as you want to target, whether mass market or premium, or both.

A snippet of news caught my eye this morning. It said, ‘Russian mobile operator MTS has signed a marketing partnership agreement with Google.’ Google trails its rivals in Russia and by working with MTS – with preloaded apps and promoted mobile search services – aims to take over. Meanwhile MTS benefits from the Google brand and international reach.

I sent the link to our managing editor, Tony Poulos, who read it and sent me back a message, ‘and so it begins…’

A world of partnerships is emerging. Let’s enjoy the display.

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