Global revenue assurance survey indicates market maturity

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TM Forum has just published their Revenue Assurance (RA) survey report 2015 that was compiled in TM Forum’s revenue management community by experienced RA practitioners with collaborative efforts.

RA maturity is on the rise globally

122 survey participants worldwide submitted their responses to 32 questions in the areas RA organization, coverage, risk & control management, data analytics & skillsets as well as “change”. No doubt Revenue Assurance maturity is definitely on the rise!

75 percentMaturity acceleratorsHalf of the 75% of the respondents who reported revenue assurance maturity improvements since last year named “experience” and “technology” their main maturity accelerators.

Fact based report with detailed, commented charts

There are many charts in the report with full level of transparency that invite readers to reflect on their own organization and to compare with others. The more sophisticated charts e.g. basic questions correlated with maturity or geography/ size dimensions are supplemented with TM Forum RA community comments to help the reader understand and interpret results.

69 percentOver 70% of today’s revenue assurance functions are located in Finance. Most common key purposes of RA functions are (no big surprise) money and risk oriented.key drivers

The report is a useful RA resource integrator

The survey report contains 12 top takeaways from Tony Poulos and Alex Leslie as well as from Dan Baker (Director of the Technology Research Institute (TRI) and editor of the Black Swan Telecom Journal) and from Gadi Solotorevsky (TM Forum Revenue Assurance Group Leader and CTO of cVidya). The gentlemen were reflecting on selected key findings, stated upcoming trends and laid out critical challenges to overcome for RA.

Top takeawaysIIIBesides, we placed useful resources throughout the report for further reading e.g. to TM Forum’s revenue assurance solution suite (best practices, KPIs, maturity models). We also added links to current discussions in the social media about practitioners’ specific challenges e.g. how to cover new services with effective means. I found it essential to use the power of TM Forum as an industry thought leader in combination with the social media to energize the RA practitioner community. E.g. In our recently established LinkedIn group RA practitioners discuss about hot topics and challenges they face. Everyone wants to learn how to get complex problems solved effectively and to find support to climb-up the maturity latter faster. That way of collaboration also serves as a powerful tool to provide benefits to the ones who sponsor and interact with RA.

RA is exposed to “keep pace with digitization”

The probably most exciting question for RA practitioners is how RA will look like in the future and what the career path may look like. New types of competitors and business/ revenue models will emerge. CSPs (Content/ Service Providers) are delivering more often a part of the service together with other business partners. CSPs are still providing “the pipe” and interact directly with the customer. Complexity increases, availability, security & customer experience matter even more. Big data becomes increasingly important also as an integral component of modern digital services. The environment is expected to be more competitive. Ever decreasing margins for traditional telecom services and competitive pressure will become more intense.

30 percentInteractionMany RA organizations have been expanding over the time to adjacent areas such as fraud management. There were also high interaction levels reported with BI analysis teams.

RA is increasingly about profitability

Understanding and applying profitability and acquiring agility to master the new pace of change will be a must have for CSPs to stay in the game. Modern revenue assurance functions with business minded leaders will be well placed to keep pace with change. RA functions that are equipped with a business partnering mindset and operate in a combination of risks management and money spotting mode will have a great opportunity to help their companies flourish.

RA tomorrow

Enjoy now the RA survey report!

In the name of the TM Forum Revenue Assurance Survey project team I’d like to invite you to enjoy a free copy of the report. We would be pleased to hear what you observe, what you think the results mean for you and for the industry – let’s collaborate because there are a lot of practitioners and experts out there who are willing to share as well. Together we can turn numbers into meanings and master challenges!

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About the Author: Rene is currently Head of Risks & FRA at Telia Company, Finland. He is currently responsible for managing GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance), Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance and Credit Control. He has also been the leader of the TM Forum’s global RA survey since 2014, and is responsible for transforming it into an insight based collaborative experience. Rene has over 14 years of industry expertise and has spent 10 years in international consulting an auditing with a background in GRC, RA and outsourcing/ partner management. .


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