Macquarie Telecom in Australia publishes net promoter score on website

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Macquarie NPSCommsday reports that Macquarie Telecom in Australia has gone public with its net promoter score, displaying it live on its web- site, and challenged other telcos to do the same.

A measurement of how likely a customer would be to recommend a company to other people, NPS is a frequently cited metric of customer satisfaction. However, very few telcos make their absolute scores or measurement methodologies public, and some describe gains and losses in percentage terms while others talk about shifts in points.

Macquarie Telecom, on the other hand, has been quite vocal around its NPS scores for some time. It measures NPS at multiple customer touchpoints, claims to actively drive 40- 50 percent response rates, and keeps internal staff appraised of the score in real-time. On the NPS scale of -100 to 100, the firm triumphantly declared earlier this year that it had hit +54 for the December 2014 quarter – setting itself apart from competitors Telstra Business and Optus Business, which it said were in the single digits at that time.

Now, the firm has gone a step further, brandishing its score live online for anyone to see. The number represents a three-day rolling average, updated daily, “balancing the need to maintain a meaningful sample with providing the most up to date information.”

“This is something people might consider a gutsy move, but one I am urging all other telcos – and, indeed, other industries as well – to follow,” said Macquarie Telecom CEO David Tudehope. He added that customers could normally only make objective comparisons on price and product before buying services, having, not until this point, been able to do the same for services. “Going live with our NPS score changes that equation for customers – they can see what they will be living with through the eyes of existing customers.”

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network was quick to laud the move. “We welcome this move by Macquarie Telecom and encourage the industry to follow suit,” said deputy CEO Narelle Clark. “Giving current and prospective customers access to this sets a new benchmark for transparency in the industry. If presented in a simple, easy to use way, it will help consumers make more informed choices when deciding which provider to use.

“NPS… provides real incentives for improvement in customer service. We know that other providers are using this measure and have made definite progress since implementing it, however, they’re not publishing their scores.”

First published at Commsday.

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