No predictions for next year, but these things will definitely happen

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New YearWhile the instinct to do a set of predictions is strong in us, we will resist. We will even resist the temptation to do a list of things that will not happen in 2016. We, against our better judgement, will even stop short of doing a list of ‘clever me’ reviews of things we got right this year.

Instead, here is who we think is going to have a good year next year (definitely not Toshiba staff). And who is not.

The advertising industry is going to have a bad year. The perfect storm of data regulation, customers paying to switch off advertising, the continued rise of ‘catch-up’ TV and the ever reducing number of readers of paper papers will really begin to bite.

For the same reasons, Facebook, Instagram and anyone else whose business model relies too heavily on advertising will suddenly wake up and realise this is not a good idea. If Facebook believes that betting the farm on making Messenger – the platform for, well, everything – then they know something we do not.

The IoT will get beyond the hype. Brows will become furrowed as more examples of just how vulnerable things are when they are connected. For this reason, the security industry will have a great year. As the IoT disappears into verticals, a lot of solid progress will be made. Enterprise IoT will be a focus.

Wearables will get beyond the comedy stage. Like its parent, the IoT, practical uses will continue to emerge, particularly in healthcare.

The payments war will rage on, albeit in slow motion and with the sound turned down. What will happen is that the real motives of players such as Apple getting into payments will become clear. And will scare the pants of other players.

The security vs privacy war will also rage on (with a sub plot on whether there is ever such a thing as the ‘ethical’ hacker). The problem with the security vs privacy war is that no-one knows it is going on and the Regulator will, unwittingly (which is how they operate), supply hugely powerful weapons to the privacy camp.

The FCC will have another fun year, throwing their weight about and being irritatingly inconsistent when it comes to net neutrality, fines and other unimportant stuff.

The API world will move (towards) centre stage as the communications industry scratches it heads and begins to realise that there is actually no reason that they can’t do what companies such as Salesforce does.

The real potential of the blockchain beyond payments will emerge.

Customer service will remain as rubbish as ever and we will report the ones that make us laugh – before we cry.

Oh, and will the eSIM be the key weapon in controlling the customer?

(I thought you weren’t going to do any predictions, Ed)

Happy New Year!

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