Why the Policy Control event in Berlin really does lead to 5G

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Juho Harme is looking forward to next week. Harme is a speaker at the Policy Control event in Berlin. Having attended four previous Policy Control events he is in no doubt that it is a very good event or that the value lies in the discussion and in discovering what his peers in the industry are up to.

Harme was head of consumer product management at Telia Company in Finland. Policy was a key part of consumer offerings and an integral part of his life. Now he is head of billing.

He is also lucky. While the ‘who should control policy’ debate rages on in many organisations, at Telia there is a real feeling of collaboration.

Harme believes ‘the important thing is the nature of operator. If you are an integrated – fixed and mobile – operator, then policy should be part of the offerings and more embedded on the network side. If you are mobile only, then policy should be close to the business. And if you look at emerging markets you will see why. The innovation is amazing’.

A real focus for Harme is 5G, and he does not see this as a distant, hype filled dream. Telia started testing 5G last year and they are spending a lot of time looking at practical applications with their customers. ‘There is more interest from the B2B side with 5G’, says Harme. ‘Of course we will watch the fibre replacement trials in the US, and you can certainly see that if you have a huge number of devices in a small space such as your home – think 100 devices within 100 metres – all connected to the network, you will need 5G. But the business side is very interesting’.

It is, as Shira Levine also noted, not just about bandwidth. It is about latency. ‘If you are doing something with virtual reality (VR), for example, latency is critical’, says Harme. ‘Imagine remote servicing, maintenance or repair, where you do not need to send an engineer. Instead, VR goggles will allow an on-site technician to see exactly what your engineer sees, wherever he is. So the on-site guy can fix the problem or service the machine. For this you need very low latency. I have read that 10 milliseconds is the threshold where you do not notice the movement, so it seems real’.

Harme likes the Policy Control event very much and is looking forward to hearing ideas about where mobile data pricing is going and sharing his views and, at last, experiences of 5G.

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