Privacy and why telcos are losing another great opportunity

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While all eyes were firmly on what Apple is doing in your home, some will have missed a rather important point. We have said for a while now that telcos have an opportunity to be the privacy advocate and champion as a way of keeping customers loyal.

It now seems that they have missed the boat.

Both Apple and Google have made announcements that will protect customers from those annoying pop up, in your face, auto play while scrolling adverts.

According to Business Intelligence, ‘Google’s Chrome browser will automatically block certain ads starting next year. The new feature will filter out ads that have been deemed unacceptable by the Coalition for Better Ads’.

Meanwhile at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference this week, in between the bragging game with HomePod vs Alexa, was the other bragging game that High Sierra will make Safari faster than a Ferrari and twice as safe.

And, according to Futurism, Safari ‘will also be able to block all autoplays on videos, and it will have “intelligent tracking prevention,” which is machine learning tech that allows it to identify trackers and, thus, protect your privacy’.

We had a feeling that Apple was about to present a privacy play.

This is clearly good news for customers and probably bad news for several other entities, such as Facebook, who relies for 95% plus of its income on annoying adverts. In fact, Facebook seems to be trundling from social network, to commercial network, to anti-social network at tremendous speed.

Privacy is something that can be addressed reasonably easily, and both Apple and Google have grasped the opportunity, understanding that customers put a value on their privacy which these companies are now turning into loyalty. At a cost, obviously, but probably only a short term one.

The other issue, of course, is security. And the question is now whether telcos (or anyone) can grasp this one, or whether companies who are invading your home, such as Apple, Google or Amazon, will, once again, beat them to the bell.

Time will tell.

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