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Man with plastic pink earsSome say the secret to telling a great joke is in the delivery while others say it’s all in the punchline. Sprint should know. While I’m not sure that #SprintCountdown was supposed to be a joke, it pretty much failed on both accounts – #SprintCountdown Twitter storm?

If those of you out there (like me) were thinking Sprint was going to finally throw something interesting back at T-Mobile, then you’ll know what I mean. Let’s face it, Spint’s CEO Marcelo Claure is no John Legere and I am not just referring to his tweeting abilities. Sprint doesn’t seem to get it! What is the point of putting out another 50% off offer? Sure everybody want cheaper mobile, but where is the creativity, where is the affinity with the customer, where is the innovation?

What makes T-Mobile’s Uncarrier approach so inviting is it really (or seemingly) talks the pain points of the customer. I assume the discussion goes like this… Mr. Legere says to his team… “Hey what is really peeving off our customers right now?  What, video you says?  There’s lots of it and people just want more… but they don’t want to pay more. Hell, let’s give it away for free!!” The fact is, T-Mobile is not really giving all that much away for free with their On Binge offering, but they are addressing their customers pain points, they consistently seen as innovators and their create an aura of affinity which resonates with customers. In short, T-Mobile gets the Digital Lifestyle, Sprint isn’t quite there yet.

The fact that Sprint’s big, wait for it, announcement – #SprintCountdown, was simply price competition is frankly disappointing. Differentiation on price, is a lose-lose for the whole industry – and customers will eventually pay the price in terms of quality and lack of innovation.

While this may sound like a rant, it is really disappointing.  I was expecting something BIG from this announcement, but I guess we’ll have to wait for Uncarrier XI.  Meanwhile, Sprint needs to beg, borrow or steal some strategic marketing folks or the term #SprintCountdown may come to mean something else entirely.

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