Swisscom Invests in Real-Time Charging for its LTE Network

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An oft cited bit of functionality that’s the shiny new bauble for smart phone cultists is the ability to run multiple connected apps simultaneously. From a network perspective, this means one device is running multiple sessions over a network, each of which needs to be measured and accounted for. In the LTE world, and going forward, these multi-session connections are only becoming more common. These only add to the existing complexity inherent in factors like pre-paid/post-paid convergence; complex family and shared data plans; and hierarchical business accounting requirements. Operators thus face the challenge of managing all of this complexity while avoiding revenue loss and maintaining network quality.

With these demands in mind, Swisscom will deploy new real time charging technology from MATRIXX Software which, during testing, processed 20,000 real time charging events per second across 4 blade servers each with 2 processors. 99 percent of those transactions experienced latency of less than 5 milliseconds. This is industrial strength computing technology that speaks to the real demands the mobile services explosion is placing on operators’ networks.

It also shows how the OTT effect is straining operators to the limit and perhaps demonstrates that the mobile and online economic model – where operators’ pay the freight for OTT players to make a bundle but take on most of the risk, complexity, and capital outlay in the process.

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