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Eric improvedWe recently heard that revenue assurance (RA) website TalkRA was being retired and we took the opportunity to talk to publisher Eric Priezkalns about that – and much more.

It turns out that, like DisruptiveViews itself, the change is more of an upgrade than a change of direction. “It is an upgrade in scope and broadens what we can write about. All of the material that was on TalkRA will still be on the new site, Commsrisk.”

TalkRA started as a replacement to email conversations that Eric was having with people in the industry, and saw the demand. It was a place that did not publish marketing messages. It became a place where the best minds in the industry developed ideas.

One interesting point that Eric makes is that RA is not unique to telecoms, as some in the industry suggest. “People almost denied that similar work had taken place in other sectors,” says Eric, “whereas we should be using skills that already exist, and then develop them to address the problems in telecoms. People made life difficult for themselves.”

One question we asked Eric was whether he thought RA is a dying skill set. Definitely not, was the answer, although now he is less keen on the term RA, and that is why he has upgraded the term to risk, because the brief is becoming wider and the threats become wider and greater. It makes no sense to have silos and separate tool kits, according to Eric. Point solutions make no sense. Business has the ability – with common data and common sense – to run companies more holistically, in the proper meaning of the word.

Eric insists he is retired. He does not work in a conventional sense, he says. This means he is free to say what he wants to about the telecoms sector and is happy to continue to be ignored not only by telecoms, but now by a much wider audience.

The discussion covers some issues that are very personal to Eric, including self published books, his competitors and why people complain that he writes too much.

You can listen to the whole interview by clicking on the player below. We apologise for the slight interference caused by too much laughter.

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About the Author: Alex was Founder and CEO of the Global Billing Association (GBA), a trade body focused on the communications sector. He is a sought after speaker and chairman at leading industry conferences, and is widely published in communications magazines around the world. Until it closed, he was Contributing Editor, OSS/BSS for Connected Planet. He is publisher of DisruptiveViews and previously BillingViews. .


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