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Cloud securityLet’s face it, “Cloud” means lots of different things to different people, but I guess that’s the idea. Just about anyone that has ever had to sketch out a network diagram for non-technical folks has said “we draw it as a cloud, it’s just a bunch of stuff you don’t need to be concerned about.”

According to Deutsche Telekom (DT), the #DigitalTelco should be very concerned about the cloud. DT has been a big cloud player for years now, but they have really put their foot down in recent time and view the cloud as a defining jewel in the #DigitalTelco crown.

The cloud is a dual opportunity for the #DigitalTelco. Firstly operators are competing in consumer cloud. Well, maybe not so much competing as making sure they have an offering. There are many OEM solutions available to help operators put in place a personal cloud storage offering to equal the likes of Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive,  … need I go on? This market is so crowded that there is little opportunity here for operators other the keeping their customers “at home” with their own cloud service. DT’s pitch here is security and bundled apps.

Enterprise Cloud

The second opportunity, the one where DT is really investing, is the Enterprise Cloud. DT has big plans to double annual revenues from cloud enterprise services in the next three years, to around €2 billion (US$2.24 billion), by stealing business from Internet giants including Google and Amazon.

As early as 2012, DT unveiled a target of increasing annual cloud revenues from about €400 million ($449 million) that year to approximately €1 billion ($1.12 billion) by 2015 and it looks like that are pretty much on track.

DT has partnered with the likes of Huawei and SAP to deliver a secure cloud infrastructure and a myriad of ready-to-go cloud applications. Cloud security is where DT sees its USP.  All DT’s cloud infrastructure and data centers are located in Germany, which has very strict security regulations. DT is banking on a super-secure cloud helping it stand out from the likes of Amazon and Google. Since security is often mentioned as one of the biggest concerns when moving on up to the cloud, this makes a lot of sense.

secure cloud
Secure cloud based Office 365

Earlier this year at CeBIT 2015, DT announced they were offering encrypted Microsoft Office 365. The encryption solution was the result of a partnership between a T-Systems subsidiary and CipherCloud. They had previously partnered in 2014 to offer an encrypted Salesforce solution.

DT’s Business Marketplace portal currently offers over 40 prepackaged apps aimed at SME and enterprise customers. (note: links below are in German). Some app examples:

  • Sage is an online payroll solution. With Sage simply rewarding you save time and money on your payroll. The intuitive billing wizard guides you in three steps by the application.
  • ZEP is a solution for logging and analyzing project working hours. Here the staff can also the use an app on their smartphones and tablets.
  • The project management software Projekta includes modules for time recording, CRM and project controlling, etc.
  • Projecterus simplifies multi-project management, including project and resource planning, project controlling and document storage.
  • PadCloud provides mobile document management: using a defined period of validity or regionally localized availability, for example, employees can precisely specify who can receive and use which documents and when.

DT’s cloud strategy is not only positioned towards personal cloud and SMEs. At MWC in Barcelona earlier this year, DT announced an OEM deal with SAP for connected logistics. The SAP Connected Logistics software and the Connected Car solution from T-Systems, form the basis of the smartPORT logistics networking solution that has been successfully used in the Hamburg Port Authority. This type of solution showcases the real power of the cloud in within #DigitalTelco strategy.

Next up in this #DigitalTelco series we are going hone in on BigData with the prince of the #DigitalTelco Telefonica.

This article was first published here, and is reproduced with kind permission.

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