Telcos: Don’t Just Think Cloud, Think Cloud-to-Cloud

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Smart fishermen watch the weather. That’s what my father always told me. I’ll never forget a 15 minute stretch in which we caught as many as seven brown trout that was preceded by hundreds of shrieking birds and a sudden change in temperature and followed by a voluminous downpour. You could stare at your gear all day watching for temperature gradients, depth changes, and underwater contours and never get a signal as strong as that which mother nature provided. Telcos can learn from this example; while you’ve got your head in the Big Data opportunity; don’t miss the Big Cloud.

$207 Billion in Enterprise Public Cloud by 2016
Gartner released its worldwide IT forecast this week and projects that enterprise spending on public cloud services will roughly double in the next four years. The $207 billion that represents is equivalent to about 12 percent of the $1.725 trillion Gartner expects enterprises to spend on telecom services in the coming year. That’s a big cloud, and one Telcos can’t afford to miss.

92% of CIOs and IT Pros Say Cloud is Good for Business
CIO Magazine offered up some stats from a Dimensional Research survey of nearly 350 CIOs and IT execs in which 92% of the respondents said they believe cloud services are “good for business”, with only 17 percent saying cloud is “contrary to their overall IT strategy.” (Those 17 percent must be REALLY well funded, old-school, or work for the NSA…or all three).

In other words, CIOs love cloud and are embracing it. So everyone is jumping in. If that’s the case how can telco’s differentiate?

Cloud-to-Cloud that No Else Can Match
74 percent of Dimensional’s survey respondents said they felt “value would be gained from integrating various cloud applications” and tying them into a common business intelligence solution that spans multiple clouds. Further, 54 percent of the respondents said this would make it “easier to access data stuck in application silos.”

Integrating to close the gaps between application silos? Sound familiar Telcos? It should. Telcos spent the past decade battling this problem that one-off cloud solutions – provided in many cases by the big hardware and consulting shops – are now creating for large enterprises.

So…fix the problem; offer a seamless, heterogeneous cloud environment for your large enterprise customers and connect it all together with high capacity, secure, QoS managed networking plus secure mobile access, and you’ve got a cloud-to-cloud offering that no one else can match.

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About the Author: Ed Finegold is CSO for Validas, a company that specializes in personalized user experiences that leverage analytics-as-a-service to simplify mobile buying, selling, pricing & billing. Ed has been a regular contributor to BillingViews. .


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