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DisruptiveViews takes a look at what is causing disruption in the communications arena, who is behind the disruption and what effects it may have. Disruption today often becomes the norm of tomorrow so it is important to keep track of it. Our job is to question it, to make sense of it, to add common sense to the hype and to address questions such as ‘why does it matter,’ ‘why is it important’ and ‘am I the only one who thinks that it is complete BS?’

DisruptiveViews combines news, opinion and features to keep you informed and, hopefully, get you involved. You are most welcome to subscribe to our daily highlights and weekly digests, comment on anything you read, interact with social media and contribute your own articles and blogs.

DisruptiveViews incorporates BillingViews.

With billing at the core of every business, you need to be ready for new challenges. If you work on billing strategy, you should spend at least 75 percent of your time looking at what those challenges will mean. By doing this you will stand a better chance of facing (and charging for) the disruption that is here and on the increase.

The next few years will see the greatest challenges ever faced by operators, indeed, the whole communications industry. The Internet of Things (IoT), Direct Operator Billing (DoB) and the Over the Top (OTT) challenges are only just being translated into billing requirements. Self service, real-time functionality and a range of new business models are triggering fundamental reviews in board rooms across the world.

DisruptiveViews is produced by BillingViews Ltd. Publisher – Alex Leslie, Managing Editor – Tony Poulos.

What Can We Do For You?

Alex InterviewBetween them, Alex and Tony have over 50 years experience of the evolving communications market. They watch for tech news as it breaks and analyse what it means and why it is important to readers of DisruptiveViews.

You can take advantage of their writing skills by commissioning them to write whitepapers or articles that complement your content, or undertake surveys and competitive analysis. You can also discuss using DisruptiveViews as a platform to promote the content produced.

Both have extensive experience as Master of Ceremonies, conference and panel moderators and can add value to your own events or provide inspiration and direction for your own teams. They add considerable value by designing and running workshops that can align your roadmap with their own unique view of industry direction.

Contributing Articles

We welcome contributed articles from you as long as they comply with our policy below:

  1. Non-commercial articles only – they must be vendor-neutral and not promote a specific company, product or service.
  2. Ideally they should be exclusive to Disruptive.Asia, though this is not a hard requirement.
  3. Editors will review final article before determining if it suits our audience and when it can run.
  4. Articles will be edited for length, grammar and style.
  5. Hyperlinks may be included as long as they are relevant to the story and do not link to commercial products or the vendor’s website. The editors have final say on which links will run in the final version, and reserve the right to add links as appropriate and/or beneficial to the article.
  6. Photos/graphics are also welcome as long as they are public domain or copyrighted by the contributor (or if the contributor has obtained permission to use them).