Alex Leslie

Alex LeslieAlex produced his first telecoms conference in 1990. It was entitled ‘Network Liberalisation.’ The discussion and presentations were all on the subject of impending competition and its impact. For the next five years Alex produced two conferences a month on a wide range of communications topics. In 1992 he produced the first Billing conference in Europe, and he assumed it would attract a niche audience of approximately 30 people. 250 attended the event. Over the following few years, Alex developed a series of spin-off billing conferences and built the main one into an event that incorporated a trade show and multi-stream conference that became a multi-million dollar business in its own right.

During this time he met Tony Poulos, who had developed a billing system based on Windows NT that was, uniquely at that time, centred around the customer, not the product. For three years he represented the company – BACCIS – in Europe, developing sales channels and partnerships. During this time, he delivered what was to be the first of many presentations on the subject of billing.

In 1997, Alex founded the European Billing Association to act as a focus point and discussion group for the emerging but immature ‘billing’ industry. Within a year the name was changed to the Global Billing Association (GBA) to reflect the global aspirations of billing vendors. He served as CEO. The association was operator focused to reflect real life problems in managing the billing process. By 2000 the membership topped 150 companies. In 2000, Alex was recognised as having made the most significant achievement in billing at the Billing Magazine Awards in Cannes. During this time, Alex developed relationships with many of the leading trade organisations such as the GSMA and UMTS Forum and as a result spoke and chaired many of their conference sessions. In 2004, he sat on the organising committee for the ITU’s World Forum and chaired a keynote session, moderating a discussion between CEOs of four global carriers.

In 2006 the GBA merged with the TM Forum, demonstrating to the industry that the OSS and BSS worlds were themselves merging. He then took up the challenge of leading the BSS initiatives for the Forum, which he handed over to Tony Poulos in 2008.

Over the years he has written for many of the world’s leading IT and communication magazines, including European Communications, Pipeline, TelecomAsia, Billing Magazine, Billing International and Connected Planet, where he was Contributing Editor for two years.

Alex has presented and chaired many conferences and seminars and moderated workshop sessions for major operators looking for advice, vision and experience as they plan the next steps in the transformation that is now imperative for their survival. He has also spoken or chaired events for IIR, Analsys, IBC, IQPC, Marcus Evans, ITU, the GSMA, Amdocs and Subex.

In 2010, he launched BillingViews, the online publication, which quickly became the defacto publication for billing professionals. This became part of DisruptiveViews in 2014, where he is publisher and co-publisher at sister publication Disruptive.Asia.