Wearables are silly too

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Apparently the Internet of (Silly) Things is on the very edge of exploding. And disappearing from view, if you believe those crazy folks over at BillingViews. Gartner is predicting the ‘market’ will generate incremental revenues exceeding $300 billion by 2020. A post from CloudTweaks, which has its own ‘humor’ tab, says that there are five proof points that it is fast becoming the new dot.com industry.

There are a vast array of start-ups. The giants are coming, there is an upturn in M&A activity, the market is young and it is truly global. It will be everywhere and it will transform the way many arenas operate. Hopefully, it will also create a big enough bubble to drag us out of the enduring austerity we are suffering.

What the article does not consider is how much of this ‘market’ will be in the wearables sector.

The wearables issue, whilst being a great opportunity to make fun of, is becoming an issue for IT managers. Forrester research is tweeting madly from an event on the impact of wearables. According to their Twitter feed, 52 percent of IT and Business Leaders say that “implementing a strategy for, and in support of, wearable computing devices” is a critical or high priority. There are now even fashion shows based on wearables. And if the fashion industry is on board then it is going to be hard to stop. Not that you would necessarily want to.

Our only concern is how far all of this will go. If everything from your fridge to your bra and car are connected – monitoring different things one would imagine – what does it leave for us to do? If everything that we wear, everything that we operate and everything that we do is automated and monitored, then there must come a time when we are redundant. And our only purpose is to make the computers laugh, wearing as we will be dozens of arm bands and several layers of clothes. We will sit, blinking into our Google glasses, our surroundings glowing and in perfect balance, while computers do our jobs for us.

How boring.

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