What’s happened to Apple’s legendary software reliability?

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There are many reasons why Apple products are so popular with users; great hardware design, ease of use, reliability, features, functionality; to name a few. We’re used to receiving new versions of Apple software each year and the new functionality these annual updates bring is eagerly anticipated by Apple users.

Whilst there are always bugs and glitches that get resolved in updates, this year the issues have been much more significant. There have been many comments online about the current crop of software bugs and personally I’m experiencing far more issues than I would normally expect with new releases.

On my iPhone and iPad I get random crashes in Mail, sounds disappear and reappear, apps freeze and unfreeze and sometimes require a device reboot, the keyboard doesn’t work correctly with third-party apps, iCloud suffers from data issues. Attempts to restore my iPhone via iTunes resulted in an incomplete restore and then a restore with missing passwords and security credentials (despite the backup being encrypted). I could go on! On my Mac, WiFi turns off when the Mac goes into sleep mode, requiring manual intervention when it wakes. All these issues have appeared since upgrading to iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite.

Back in 2009 Apple released the Mac OS X Snow Leopard update which focussed on improving platform stability. This year Apple needs to focus both iOS and OS X on software reliability, as well as new features. This would create a sound base to build out new functionality in the future.

I still believe Mac OS X and iOS have the edge and two major maintenance releases would confirm this. Disruption isn’t just about new stuff, it’s also about getting existing stuff right.


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About the Author: Jonathan has been working in payments for 18 years covering digital money, identity verification, telco billing, finance systems and consumer payment services; in both startup and corporate environments. Most recently, his experience is in developing alternative consumer payment models. "I'm passionate about removing the friction and frustration from payments. The convergence of payments and mobile technology and its impact on consumers fascinates me." You can follow Jonathan on Twitter at @sevendotzero .


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