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Wireless tech is an idea that started out on the drawing board and went to become one of the largest carriers of digital data in the world today. This pattern of growth has been nothing short on monumental. Today, wireless technology is responsible for the smooth and efficient functioning of several niches of industries.

Every enterprise, small and large, depends on wireless technology in some part of their infrastructure to thrive. In the years to come, wireless technology is set to include even more devices and features. Wireless charging for example has been one of those applications which would not even have been thought possible years ago.

We have seen cellphones which were initially limited in range and bandwidth now being able to equal computers in their ability to receive and process data. Wireless technology and handheld devices have gone light years ahead in a really short span of time.

Here is an infographic that highlights the several niches that wireless technology has been able to penetrate. It also gives us a roadmap of how wireless tech will progress in the next couple of years.

Top Trends in Wireless Technology For Modern Lifestyle

This Infographic – Top Trends in Wireless Technology Communication Devices – Created By

  • Wireless Network Evolution

To say that wireless tech is one of the fastest growing technological domains out there would be an understatement of epic proportions. The fact that we literally have blazing data speeds at our disposal and the ability to operate on devices thousands of kilometers away speaks volumes about how far we’ve come.

  • Growing demand for wireless spectrum

Earlier, the measure of how advanced a country is would be the GDP. These days though countries are now measured on how much spectrum they have access to. Just in the US alone, there are about 330 million wireless subscriptions and they actually outnumber the number of people living there.

  • Wireless internet

There has been a huge global influx of people on the internet in the past few years and this is only projected to rise to an even more extreme number. Compared to the 3.5 billion people using the internet today, it will grow to about 4.5 billion in 2020. This is more than the current population numbers of the top 10 countries in the world.

  • Wireless technology applications

There are is a broad spectrum of applications that have stemmed from progress in wireless tech. There are several billion dollar satellites that orbit the Earth today which beam signals on to your receiver which you operate with an infrared remote. The funny thing is, both of these are wireless applications but at varying scopes, tied together in the same communication chain. Wireless is set to be even more inclusive with applications like surgeries, space exploration and even charging electric cars.

  • Wireless network security

Since the wireless medium is “physically” open it is prone to a lot more threats and problems than wired mediums. This raises serious issues with security when it comes to providing safe access to wireless devices. There are quite a few developments in the areas of wireless encryption in recent times that have been able to keep your Wi-Fi safe from intruders. But the onus is on the user to make sure that they adhere to a few basic ground rules which can continue to keep them safe.

  • Future of wireless

While there are no particular standards in place right now when it comes to the next generation of cellular communication (5G), we can expect to have more concrete plans laid out in 2020. The estimated speeds on the networks of the future will range from a low figure of 3.6 GBPS to over 10 GBPS. These are massive numbers but they seem possible when you factor in the rapid growth of wireless technology.

  • Conclusion

The swift development of wireless has enabled so many parallel technologies, increased productivity and even saved countless lives. The future for wireless looks set to include even more applications which can give humans an edge. Another positive of this growth is that wireless technology has gotten really cheap which means that more people have access to it. Wireless innovations have made the world a much smaller place!

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